Digital Learning Unleashed

Digital content drives 21st-century education—maximize its impact with MediaAMP. Our robust, scalable, cloud subscription service simplifies media storage, management, and delivery to reduce costs and put the focus on teaching, learning, and collaborating.

Amplify your media

Make media easy to find and use, increasing return on time and money invested in content creation.

Instant availability

Choose one-click publishing across platforms or fully automate complex workflows for zero-touch distribution.

Deep metrics

See how content really gets used through rich reporting and analytics, supporting more effective planning and media creation.

One place for everything

Consolidate content in a single, organized system that connects to any publishing endpoint.

Easy user experience

An elegant, focused interface empowers teachers, students, and staff to work with media and collaborate across departments, sites and platforms.

Save time and money

Robust, reliable, and simple to manage, MediaAMP helps higher education reduce the cost and complexity of managing content.

Efficient administration

Reduce operational costs with a system that can be managed on the backend by fewer people with less specialized skills, via an intuitive, web-based interface.

Lower infrastructure costs

Eliminate capital-intensive datacenters by storing learning content in our secure, compliant cloud.

Fast deployment

Achieve the benefits of comprehensive media management sooner with a system that is easy to configure, customize, and update.

Innovate at will

With a technology-agnostic, always-up-to-date media management solution, you can deliver the next generation of educational effectiveness.

  • Deeper collaboration

    Federated management simplifies work across departmental and institutional boundaries and supports multi-school online learning initiatives.

  • Powerful interoperability

    Use MediaAMP’s industry-standard APIs to integrate with almost any IT system, connect to local storage repositories, and build data-rich learning experiences.

  • Increased flexibility

    Break free from closed systems and vendor lock-in with an open, standards-based solution.

The education experts

MediaAMP was developed at a university. We deeply understand the unique challenges of operating a media-intensive learning environment at scale and bring that expertise to every engagement.

Comprehensive services

Our expert team ensures the effectiveness of MediaAMP for every customer, including process optimization and technology planning.

Tailored solutions

MediaAMP supports common user roles in higher education out of the box, yet can be configured to serve almost any need.

Standards compliant

Natively support standards-based content types such as learning objects and media objects, and make media available to any learning management system.

Comprehensive data protection

Keep sensitive information safe with a system that protects content in transit and at rest—and is HIPAA, FERPA, and SCORM-compliant.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • FERPA Compliant
  • SCORM Compliant

MediaAMP combines a cloud services subscription with pay-as-you-go storage and bandwidth so you pay for only what you need.

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